Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reaction to Martin Krieg ending his ride

Here is some of the reaction I have received on Facebook not to mention the words I regularly still (as of 9-13-09) hear in person, on the phone or even in Twitter:

I was so sad and shocked to hear that you had to turn back. If you couldn’t make it this year, no one could. All my best wishes and hope for next year. You are doing a great thing to help green our transportation. - Alix


Well it wasn't for lack of effort. You can use this experience to come back better and stronger next year..........

Hi Martin, sorry to hear your trip is ending. I still do not understand. You made it through all those obstacles. It sounds like to stop is causing more problems than if you continued. And starting, stopping and starting to go on and finish would be more drama for the reader. But what ever you do, I support you. You have already done more than I ever could have done! Best regards


I am glad that you are back. From your brief report it seems like it was very hard and best choice to return. I look forward to cheering your endeavors on. I am also cheering all the work you did this year and ride.


So sorry to hear the news - you have shown a great deal of courage and I look forward to supporting your work in the coming year.

Martin, Glad to hear you are well, and that you are thinking clearly enough to scale back instead of trying to persist. Riding from SF to SLC on your reverse hiwheel without a SAG wagon or domestiques is an incredible feat.

Sorry to see the ride end. Best of luck for next year! and thanks for the updates. I enjoyed following your journey!

Sorry hear about the end of your ride. [....] Questions and sympathy,

Excellent, Martin.
You did a great job and learned as we all must, by trying, giving our best efforts and reaching beyond the known.

Martin, you are a hero! Persistence is the number one requirement of a winner! Thanks so much for your journey.
Mary Ann

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered, but I think you made the right choice in postponing the ride until you have all the support you will need to help you reach your goal. This was a good trial run and a great learning experience.

We love your guts, Martin. I wouldn't ride that contraption out of the parking lot, and you got it all the way to Salt Lake City. Now to help you recruit a bunch of volunteer Sherpas -- to help out in 2010!
John Schubert
Former “Bicycling” Editor

Awesome getting to Salt Lake City! So how many miles did you end up with?

Martin, Congratulations on setting the modern distance record on an Eagle self contained tour! The space program did not make it to the moon on the first Mercury launch either. Time to rest up and regroup for 2010.


You are an amazing man willing to take on amazing challenges. You r courage and spirit are truly an inspiration to all of us. Watch out in 2010!


I'm sorry it ended in disappointment for you but I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the streets of Palo Alto soon. Safe journey home and look forward to 2010. I was in western Nevada during some of those storms.... not nice.


Martin, I'm sorry to hear about the end of the ride. You gave it a great shot at long odds. Hope to see you back in Palo Alto sometime


Oh Martin, I am so sorry. Hang in there, what you did already is amazing, focus on the accomplishment!


I am sorry too. As important as your message is, I think the populace just doesn't appreciate your effort...when in actuality our lives would be better if you accomplished your goal/trip.


Oh no! We were going to try to see you in Chicago. I'm so sorry....


I do think about you and your epic journey everyday, Martin. You are The Man! Here's to Greenbelts all across the country. Thank you.

GO MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hearty congratulations on making it to Salt Lake City! There are not many others, if any, who could have made it that far on that historic bike. Best wishes on your future endeavors.
Ellen Fletcher
Most Powerful bike activist of all time


Martin, in true American spirit, with support from his friends and devotees, continues to ride. Hail, rain, and roads not designed for bicycle travel have not thwarted his efforts. But thunder and lightning filled skies have.[....]The lack of services and bicycle friendly paths is exactly why Martin is riding. He wants to raise awareness of the lack of inclusive design for transportation throughout our nation.[....]Martin is out there on I-80 on a HiWheel bicycle to bring attention to our lost dream. Visit his web site at and join his efforts.

Ron Bishop - Architect- ADPSR
Sierra Club NAC Ex.Com.
"Energy Efficiency, Green, Sustainable"
Bicycle & Traffic Skills Instructor - LCI

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