Monday, April 13, 2009

Eagle worthy 15 as 40% hill work 4-13-09

In the picture at left, if I would have gutted it out to the top, my reward  would have been a view of the freeway  and all its noise. For the day, however, I did do a worthy amount of  hill work, enough to make up for the fact that I didn't get 5 or 10 more miles today. 

I am riding more for miles than for skill, so before I got to the hills, I was pleased when I did a 3 step mount on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office. With only ten feet to make the move, flanked by mail boxes and headed for a parking lot driveway that fed a parking lot blinded by the building, I got up and on!! Yahoo!! 

My spirits were lifted about an hour later when, a good ways into the  Los Altos Hills rollers, a woman walking called out to me as I biked past, "Have a safe journey".  While earlier, a couple that watched me navigate down a little path that led to nowhere I wanted to go, said, "Well, there's that famous bicycle!"  WoW, I'll bet Jay over at the Palo Alto Weekly would be happy to know that his newspaper has such a huge reach that people are still coming out of the woodwork to offer blessings for my ride!! 

I spent a lot of today trying to figure out how I  am going to make my ride real now that I lost my main sponsor. If you missed the 2  posts I drew up about it, go HERE.....


Above is the beautiful 
Los Altos Hill Town Hall

THX 4 all of U!!  

Start 0ft
1 3.08mi Hanover - always formidable but getting easier every time

2 3.91mi Tried unclipping saddle as stayed seated - hill too steep - had to turn around to reclip as I rode
3 4.81mi Enter rolling hills of peaceful Los Altos Hills
4 5.10mi Go down little path here
5 6.09mi It only went up from here
6 6.86mi Got very steep here at the end. I was wanting to turn around before as I could hear the freeway getting louder and louder - so I did not suck it up and turned around ..
7 7.86mi Wanted to see where this road went. It was not flat ....
8 9.09mi Not a very interesting place to end but now I know another way to get into the hills of Los ALtos Hills
9 13.37mi Get on sidewalk here
10 13.54mi Whole Foods buy too much weight in groceries to keep looking for road work. Also met a kombucha purveyor who might sponsor my ride with product....
End 15.41mi

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