Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eagle errands | New Camera!! And....... 4-08-09

Full Non-stop day:

- Reformatted home page for my ride and devised a system to pay for it now that I've lost my Main Sponsor (I will explain that in a subsequent post) I plan now to ask those of you tuned into to it to pay for a day on the road at $100 a day - see the 2009 Mayors' Ride page 
- Mounted a  video camera to my handlebars. Shown below, it helped me see how much vibration  I just take for granted when I ride this thing.....
- Bought a Casio EX-z150 point and shoot camera at Costco  for $130 with tax (charging the battery now). It is going to make for a huge difference in here. For example, Bob Sims, who I saw there is pictured below with the Peugeot I sold him. My new photo taking device will let you see the amazing restoration job that Bob did.... 
- Jeff Kitstler stopped by to install a new cotter pin that his friend Jim Thomson (pictured with me below) machined for  me out of stainless steel. Works perfect!!

- Rode 20 miles as per this Route

Notes: Start 0ff:
1 1.29mi thru nursery pkg lot
2 1.44mi hop median - 5 inch curbs
3 2.02mi Costco buy $119 camera!
4 2.14mi go down 10 inch curb here to get around backed up cars
5 3.07mi cut thru shopping center
6 4.05mi Offload camera packaging
7 5.71mi Post Office
8 6.85mi Enter beautiful tree covered foot path here

9 7.26mi Steep bump fools me - I dismount and try again - of which I succeeded
10 7.69mi End foot path
11 7.86mi Stanford dish walking trail straight ahead - everyone parks along Stanford Ave here
12 8.10mi I stayed in saddle to and from Alpine road
13 12.21mi ~50 cyclists waiting at light make left on to Old Page Mill
14 12.86mi Worthy hill
15 13.27mi downhill
16 17.60mi Whole Foods
End 19.76mi
THX 4 all of U!!  

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