Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eagle Atherton | find bike bridge short cut | Sprint home 4-12-09

Since Easter is a time of renewal and a time of new beginnings, I  used it to line  out the next three weeks before I take off. Of which there is a ton of planning work and loose details that much needed to be attended to. While I cleaned and reorganized the garage in between the 36 miles worth of two rides I did yesterday, I didn't get into Easter Sunday until 3:30 in the PM today. 

All flat miles, I did end the day with a few miles of solid sprinting. I also discovered a "short cut" to the bike bridge to Menlo Park (Allied Arts neighborhood) - if not shorteer, it is at least far more pleasant.......

     THX 4 all of U!!  

The picture above is of the talisman Ines Brunn brought over from China for me to  have with me on my ride. It petitions for safe travel! I feel so blessed that a woman, many see as a bicycle god herself, wants to make sure my journey is protected!!

Here is the route I took today
and here are the notes you will find there

Start 0ft
1 3.34mi Bike bridge over San Francisquito creek
2 8.80mi Bike bridge over San Francisquito creek
3 8.98mi Quiet service road
4 9.29mi Short cut to bike bridge to Menlo Park (Allied Arts neighborhood) -f not shorteer, at least far more pleasant
5 10.49mi Bike tunnel
6 11.11mi Curb hardly even noticeable , the faster I go off of it
7 11.82mi Molly Stones for bread
8 11.89mi Bike tunnel
9 11.91mi Re-mount and don;t miss start one again - very few missed starts today as I an learning how many steps based on which pedal position and the degree of road slop
10 12.00mi Got call rom Faye Saunders who wanted to take some photos of my shadow. So I had to race to El Camrello school to meeet jher
11 12.21mi A trike was waiting at light and it turned green just as I got theere - no rest from my sprint
12 12.48mi Must have been holding a 17 mph pace (with a 50 inch wheel!!)
13 12.71mi Bike Bridge = I use almost daily - it was here in 2007 that I did a face plant when a chunk of tire got caught between the rim anf fork. Scared the crap out of me. Lucky I did not break any teeth - huge swollen mouth, grew a mustache to cover shredded   skin
14 12.84mi Faye not at school so keep racing as she said if not infront of school she's be walking Bryabn looking for shadows to photograph
15 13.19mi Call Faye to find out where she is = S ourt
End 14.14mi

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