Saturday, May 16, 2009

Car free restart - Palo Alto to Berkeley

Left Palo Alto, not at 5 like I had been threatening, but at 6:20.. I rolled toward the Dumbarton Br in cool morning air with a brake that rubbed. And rubbed. And rubbed. A genuine slow down to my travels I thought it would go away after a few miles. Not so. Or after an overpass downhill. Nope. Or the back side of the bridge. No siree. Not even after I pedaled while holding it's lever.

20 miles later, in San Lorenzo, CA, I couldn't take it anymore. I used my small crescent wrench to turn the edges of the spoon that presses against the top of the tire, up. It worked. Until I bought 2 liters of water for the Camelbak that I wear around my waist in a buttpak. The binding grew worse and worse as the sun got the road hotter and hotter. All the way to Berkeley.

I sit now outside at a Whole Foods charging my phone as I write this. Since my solar charger is not strong enough to also let me do work, I have to alternate between charging and writing....

The ride hath begun!!

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