Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Davis to Sacto - Michael Washington appears!

After a needed day of rest and regrouping at Paul Guttenberg's house, the two of us did a casual ride to Central Park in Davis for their Bike to Work day. And indeed it was a propitious use of my time away from bagging the miles. For me, the highlight of the morning event was seeing Michael Washington there! And this guy is the real deal and then a whole bunch more. So much so that in 2003, the last time I saw him, I created a web page for him: .

Car free since 1958, he has over a million miles in his legs. He has biked from coast to coast across every continent sans the North Pole. His north to south crossing of Australia is the only one ever made by anyone on foot or bicycle. In addition, he invents and makes many of the bike parts he uses. And on and on and on.

So when cycling champion Mayor Ruth Asmundson, Michael, Paul and I posed for a group photo, there was arguably more bicycle horsepower assembled in the form of four people than anywhere ever. While the city of Davis has remained a bicycle leader in large part because of Ruth, Paul has also been busy rolling the miles as I noted in a previous post. He also works innumerable bike events and regularly hosts long distance bike tracelers in his beautiful home.

In Michael W's rarefied air sits Paul Guttenberg, who I also want to do a web page fo......

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