Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mike Damon's Reno

At left is Mayor Bob Cashell, who has ridden the Busycle before along with his scheduler Marcia Morse, who I have talked with for years and bike favorable councillor, Dave Aizzi, in their office 15 floors above the city.

Today began at the usual 6AM but not on the road. Mike and his wife Semi, fixed me a batch of banana pancakes that were ready for me to eat after I took a delicious shower and answered a few emails. His twin 9 year olds, Timmy and Johnny, were up and excited that they were going to be riding their bikes down the hill two miles away to school. Tho Mike was instrumental in getting the road to their school restriped with bike laqnes, he is a wee bit nervous about letting them do the two mile distance by themselves just yet.

He plans to document how our Mayors’ Rides made what was once a 4 lane speedway into a tame two lane bikeway that the community loves, but until he does, I will just say that the alliance he formed with Mayor Bob Cashell and Councillor Dave Aizzi, saved what was going to be certain hell for cyclists from becoming a reality. The transformation that is now taking place on Mayberry Dr has everyone excited, both cyclists and non cyclists.

Soon we were visiting cyclist, Mark Trujillo at his coffee shop, Waldens, where he comped me a fruit smoothie while we waited for the kids school to be ready for me. Soon, I gave three presentations to three different classrooms. In 15 to 20 minutes time, I told the kids what I was doing and why. I also planted the car free seed for them to consider. When I opened things up to questions, they were non stop.. So much so that Mike had to step in say he had to get to work where he had a lot of fires that were already there to fight as soon as he arrived.

Mike went to work and rode to downtown five miles away where I wrestled with the Evil Microsft Empire that governs this precious Acer Netbook. I plan for this to be my one internet accomplishment for the day here att Dreamers Coffee shop overlooking the Truckee River and City Hall. However, I did try to download an FTP utility for this machine so I could keep current. I tried three different apps, and could not hit a home run with any of them. Several hours later, nothing.

While I waited for downloads to be complete, I tried to clean up my blog writing. More DOS frustration as the program started changed my text into illegible Hindi characters. Ugh……….

Hmm, maybe this is pay back for my being a traitor to my not being on the Mac platform, which is all I’ve known, and as a power user, for two decades now……….

More later if I get time, but tomorrow is I80 into Salt Lake..


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  1. I'd like to hear more about how your meeting with the mayor went and what you discussed. Did he make any promises or talk about future plans for adding bike paths and the such?