Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sacramento Rox my Ride & Kicks Bike Butt!!

At left is Will Kempton, the director of all of Cal Trans!

News Flash These photos just in from Paul Guttenberg of Davis!
What another incredible day filled with even more magic!! But before I get there let me continue from where I left off last nite. Yesterday, Ed Cox drove me over to Costco where I took a leap of faith and plopped down $350 for this, an Acer Computer, that weighs 2.8 pounds, is small and has not only big power but a a big enough keyboard that I can better tell you how much love there isin our world. I also plunked down another $99 for an Olympus digital camera, the FE 20, that I discovered I can offload its pictures to the web through my new little Acer .

I was up till probably one or two in the cool little 120 square foot studio Ed built in his backyard , configuring these two little devices so I could use them today. Four hours later I was up with batteries рдеेंcharged getting more configuring done. Ed was chomping at the bit to get his very big day started and he and I left to go meet a bunch of lawmakers, including state assemlblymen Tom Torlikson and Wes Chesbro (sp?), who were riding their bikes in from 30 or so miles away

A few state senators and even Andy Morin and Steve Miklos, the two Folsom elected officials who have received our NBG in the past, were part of the group that stopped at the Tower St. Bridge that led to the capitol. We rode with them to the State House.

It wasn’t long before the Capitol itself became a hub bub of activity as bikes and club rides and vendors streamed in for a gala event , called Bike Fest, that ran from 11-1. The bike giants were everywhere. I met the and joyfully echanged with the number one and numer two people at Cal Trans Will Kempton and Ken McGuire, the head of the bike facilities unit and a sports coach who I had fun talking to . They were even very knowledeable about the Yolo Causeway and explained why it is what it is.............

Don Saylor, the mayor ProTem of Davis was there. As was Folsom Recreation Manager,, Lynn LePage, who offered to put me up at his home in Folsom tomorrow and then get a posse together with Daryl who also rode in from Folsom to help me get over the Sierras.

Jacques Graber came by from his nearby office to see how I was doing. And told me in no uncertain terms that I had to do something about the rack. He sketched out a design that the amazing Peter Wagner, who was there demoing his zany bikes, not only approved but even more embellished. And Peter is going to throw something together today and bring it by tonight on his way back to the hospital where his young son Sam is getting some surgery work down.

This after Lynn, and his friend Daryl had already offered to deputize one of their
Folsom friends to do the work once I got there. Since it is a bit uphill to Folsom and Peter Wagner had offered his magic, I chose to get the work done sooner than later.

Legendary HiWheel cyclist, Robert Howe came by to bless my ride and then I saw Lori Yung. For the first time in 14 years! Lori helped me learn html years ago and she offered to help me keep current while I am out there on the road! And Lori is over the top, beyond magic where pushing pixels is concerned. How exciting!!

At the event, Ed Cox was honored with a beautiful framed picture for his role in elevating bicycling in the Sacramento area to the new exciting level it now enjoys. I asked for the mic and told the crowd, how Ed was a founding member of SABA, their bike coalition as well as the California Bike Coaltion, which bird dogs all legisltion that affects cyclists at the state level. I told them that it was becasue of his tirless efforts, the fruits of his labors are not more buildings, he is a trained architect, but many of the beautiful bikeways they get to enjoy.

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the Mexican dinner he bought me last nite.. When we left, Ernesto's, the whole restaurant was out on the sidewalk cheering as I prepared to ride off on the Eagle. His downtown Sacramento neighborhood is filled with cool people and bikes and even has its own Bike Kitchen, a bike co-op where many of those on two wheels hang out. WoW!!!

And I go to bed tonight with what feels like new wheels. Peter Wagner went home after the Bike Fest and concocted an amazing bike rack made up of the rear end of a mountain bike, some nuts and bolts and plumbers tape. Ed and I met him at UC Davis hospital where his little Sammy was getting his head reshaped, and in less than an hour later, I had what felt like a new bike.

No longer do I have to turn the 20-pound load I carry when I steer. It is independent of my handlebars! As well, my arms won't be having to make all of the micro adjustments they do when hill work is required of me. Or in sum, I will be riding a much safer machine in the rest of the US ahead. Hail to Peter Wagner, one of the many patron saints that keep blessing this ride with their talents and love!!

Folsom tomorrow!! Yahoo!!!

THX for all of U (with a little bit extra for Peter, his wife Jeri and little Sammy who all gave to this historical ride)

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  1. Cathy & Wayne Douglass say it's all coming together for you, Martin, as you knew it would.

    And Cathy says, "I have something for you." Something to look forward to when you get back.