Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First 25 on an Eagle & Bike Blvd Podcast Tour!

Rode to Redwood City today. WoW - whatta machine!! I'd say it's 30% faster than the traditional HWheel as I made great time even though I took lots of breaks to rest my tired arms as well as to practice mounting. Despite the fact that it was in the low 50's, I was working so hard I did not notice the temperature. And all I had on was a pair of bike shorts and a light jacket.

In all, I logged a little under 25 miles. Along the way, my left hand kept falling asleep. I think that I can remedy this by adding cloth tape to the bars. Also did my first hill. An underpass! It got the best of me on my first pass. However, on the way back I nailed it. It was the ease that surprised me.

I also carried liquid in my butpak for the first time (for the last few days, all I had in my waist pak was keys, credit cars and a crescent wrench). I bought a one quart bottle of water at the Whole Foods in Redwood City along with a few snacks. Not only did the extra three or four pounds change where I sat on the seat, it also threw me off when I mounted. I failed 5 times before I got it right

Like riding a giant unicycle, there are times when my front wheel is barely making contact with the ground. So much to learn. So excitng!!

btw: Across Palo Alto,  as what you will see me doing on a lot of my future rides, I rode the Bryant St Bike Boulevard. Here is a Podcast tour I did of it in 2007  when a kidney I ruptured while playing football kept me from doing more active rides.....

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