Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainbow Riding

Unprepared for the surprise of dry looking skies when I awakened, I ended up hitting the road at 7am instead of 6. I also got out into a  much warmer day than what I've become accustomed to.

I also got rolling into a rainbow that was in the sky ahead of me for  the first half of my 12 mile loop. I even managed to get a picture of  it at the bike tunnel that crosses under the rail tracks along Alma  St at Homer.

I only rode 12 miles because I still do not have a brake, the roads were wet, it started to drizzle and there were cars, a lot of them, to deal with. Nor had I prepared to be out to begin with as I went to sleep in rain with more predicted.

I also biked with different shoes on. While my feet didn't seem to squish around as much on the pedals, I still do not feel as connected  to the bike as I'd like. According to my Wheelmen networks, there is a guy in Czechoslovakia who makes pedals that might help me here. And as I was preparing this I went to his web site.

Seems Martin Cvrcek makes a steel pedal, mine are a comfy hard rubber, that is wider. Even if I don't go that route, I now know why I am having this problem. As Martin C states, men of 120 years ago had  narrower feet. Kowabunga!!

In sum, I got some miles in. I prepared and sent this from my iPhone. And the drill for my soon ahead ride continues!!

I feel blessed that you have taken the time to look at this.

      THX 4 all of U!!  


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