Friday, February 27, 2009

To the left here is the usually proud and stately Eagle in upside down mode. I repaired the tire that  shortened my ride yesterday (and today). The big job that it was became   even bigger when I discovered it had been mounted wrong. Instead  of 10 extra inches of rubber, there was barely one extra inch. Ugh......

This would have been no problem had it been the 7/8" diameter that Jim Spillane says he built it with as I could have spliced in the extra from some of the stock I have laying around here, Unfortunately,  however, it was one inch diameter stuff . So I worked with that knowing it will not hold up for my cross x ride and that I will soon have to change it. When I change it again. I will  back to 7/8" so I will have less rolling resistance.

I hope Ed Lee back in Maryland is reading this. He offered to sponsor my ride with the rubber I will need. So Ed, some time in April, I'm gonna need  to take you up on your generous offer....

I spent a couple of hours today getting the rubber snug and then its inner wire silver soldered on  to the rim. And I am now back  in business. With so many many things that can go wrong, I made sure Gods was there working with me today. I mean the only thing between me and the asphalt is a tiny 3/8 section of melted silver holding two steel wires together.......

The meditation I did yesterday was for a good outcome. Today it was one of thanks. Whereupon I proceeded to take care of some business with the Ines Brunn trick bike show we are doing. We moved the venue from the Unitarian church a block away to the beautiful Mitchell Park Community Center.  It became available for the April 4 date so we jumped on it!! 

After Mitchell Park I went the long way to Los Altos and Whole Foods where I had dinner. I came home by making use of an unlit bike path that I was able to enjoy because I mounted the Light In Motion unit  that Kelvin Clark had outfitted my regular HiWheel with. An awesome light, it sure felt  good to be able to ride at night again. And with confidence!!

I am also getting a lot more confident coming off the back of the bike. I can't wait to get that in a picture so I can share it with all of you.

THX for sharing this journey with me - THX 4 all of U!!  

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