Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dismount Pic and Don Loomis Show

The image you see at the left here was taken by Faye Saunders as I exited the Eagle from the rear. Even though this a pretty easy dismount to learn, I actually prefer to come off the side with a pedal dismount because it is a more controlled stop. As for Saturday's ride, I was joined by Faye once again as it gives her an opportunity to practice with her new camera. We biked on flat roads to Redwood City for a round trip distance of 23 miles.

On the road at 6:30AM and back home after doing a few picture shoots with Faye by 9AM, I built the rest of my day around my visit to Don Loomis's 59th birthday party. For me, the highlight would be the multi media show he did of his 2004 ride across America for us that I missed on Thursday. And I was happy I got to see the new improved version he has concocted!

Don crafted an excellent show, complete with video, that is a great visualization tool for any would be coast to coast cyclists. And I much encouraged him to put it on line so we can offer it just like what we do for Scott Campbell's also awesome 2006 ride

Seeing Don's show reminded that I need to reconnect with Robert Craddick, the man who rolled out the red carpet for Don in Iowa. And I've also got to stop at Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in Minden, NE. Complete with a stash of HiWheel bikes, all I could find on the web is . So until I go see for myself, Don's pictures are the only ones I've seen of what looks like a truly interesting place......

The rain has been steady today so I've been off the road working the on line presence for Ines Brunn's 4/4 show. As well as learning Twitter. Time on Facebook is next.

THX 4 all of U!!

btw: I went down a 6 inch curb on Saturday also, Easy, fun, I look forward to more!!

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