Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eagle Flies Hillview to Homestead

As my 27 mile ride was wrapping up. I saw Lanthony and his massive pit bull, a love bug named Puppy. The picture you see was taken as I rode by. It should give you somewhat of a feel for what my world is like up there.

I took on Hillview again today and the Eagle flew up it! With increased confidence. I can use my arms to jockey the bike back and forth. Yahoo!!

I then rode on the Foothill Epwy to Homestead. The nine miles there were strong. I doubled back and turned right on Grant Rd which runs on a diagonal to make for a short cut back to Mountain View, the next town over from Palo Alto when headed south. Grant is a pleasant road, not as fast as Foothill and more enjoyable with a bike lane. 

Back in the more city like riding of the Silicon Valley, there was more cars and a lot more attention coming my way. One guy for example was clapping his hands and saying 'bravo, bravo' as I rolled by. Then there was a bus full of screaming teenage girls. There was even more than one car load of cheering fans. This bike truly gets the attention.

I also suspect that people like it because I look like I am working to ride it. The forward leaning, almost aggressive pose I strike is a world of difference from the way I look on an Ordinary HiWheel where I almost look like I am floating about. Perhaps as they they struggle with lights and other drivers, they take comfort in the fact that I am someone who  has it worse than they do.

Nor are many of the aware of the fact that I cannot coast. I can never stop pedaling less catastrophe would result. Not to mention the focus and the intensity I must equip myself with at  all times. I can never let my guard down. Should I let my mind wander, God forbid, my front wheel could hit a rock or something else in the road and pop off the ground. Unprepared for such a shock I could easily lose contrail

It  is also not a good idea to try to push through a tired body like you can on a regular bike. I have found that my arms and upper anatomy have to be fresh and  alert especially if I am around cars, people and/or tight maneuvering. This is also why each picture I take is a work of art. Not the picture quality mind you, but the art form of being able to get a picture taken to begin with....

As an  aside, I know I have a healthy respect for this machine because even as I am looking at it right now, sometimes I cannot believe I can even ride it; that man has learned how to tame this amazing piece of engineering excellence. 


    THX 4 all of U!!  

Note: This ride is not about me but it is a celebration of all the people who have helped me get back to wholeness physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. This as I stand on the shoulders of giants to enjoy the privilege of riding this bike, the only Eagle in active use west of the Mississippi ...

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