Thursday, March 5, 2009

Starting, Stopping, Pedals and Steve Stevens the legend..

Yesterday afternoon, I rode  maybe 7 miles via the long way to the Post Office and Cardinal Bike Shop here in Palo Alto. It was good to get out and roll a few easy afternoon miles as it gave me an opportunity to practice starting and stopping. It also gave  me a chance to better  learn how much speed I can be running before I pull back on of the handlebars and be able to expect to land safely. I am at five miles an hour now and think as I learn the bike, I can go much faster before I bail in such a way.

At Jeff Kistler's (Jeff is our lead Busycle mechanic) shop, he, manager Manny and mechanic Bob, all brainstormed ways to get wider pedals on my bike. The cotter pin that Matt Christy had secured my brake lever with had fallen out so Jeff replaced it with a piece of brake cable to which he tabbed off the ends. Jeff took pictures that I am hoping to get from him   so I can post them here. When I left, Bob, Manny and a couple of customers came to the gas station next store where I showed them how I got on and how I got off. Getting more and more confident at doing so as I get up on the first try probably four out of every five tries now....

(at left, Manny, me and Bob behind Jeff in front)

I rode maybe 15 miles early today. With  the increased daylight, it seems like there are more cars on the road at 6:30 AM.  Wonder how that will change after this weekend when we roll the clocks forward for Daylight Savings time (I was surprised that it is here so soon this year).

I did get a chance to pedal Page Mill  Road this morning.   I rode it up to the freeway and it was easy until I got to the short section near Deer Creek Rd which I think may be a 10%  grade. My legs had all the  power in the world but I was  once again squishing  on the pedals. I almost didn't make it, in fact. Which brings me to a point.

Back when I rode an upright, I used to tell people who complained of sore asses and sleeping genitalia, that they needed to ride harder; that the seat is just a guide allowing them to keep their feet tensed on the pedals. I, however, cannot place too heavy of a load on the Eagle pedals or my feet slip all over the place. Seems one problem is contributing to another. Hmmm........

Maybe the legendary Steve Stevens, pictured above, can help.  The coast to coast world HiWHeel record holder (here is his blog about that ride) at 29 days, he also rode his Penny Farthing across Europe. In combat boots!!

THX 4 all of U!!  

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