Monday, March 2, 2009

NBG Cause now on Facebook - Rain Limits Riding

I am  excited! Facebook just accepted something I have given my life and life story to, the 

(picture at left courtesy Faye Saunders, Canon 40D with an EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens)

National Bicycle Greenway, as a Cause. To see how Facebook will be helping  to make our ride next summer real, go HERE. Yahooo!! And as this goes to "press", we already have eight people signed up!! 

Since it rained pretty steady, I spent most of today getting this Facebook cause on line, thanking those who joined and figuring out how to work with the many resources they have available to promote stuff like this.

During the one break there was in the weather, I got out for about an hour.  I even rode no hands  for 50 feet.  I have determined that I really do need wider pedals. I lack confidence with my feet mooshing all over the  pedals and I remember how much  more enjoyable my 1986 ride was when I switched from loose connecting toe straps to the rock solid binding action of clipless pedals. Nor will I feel like I am being all too historically incorrect when  I make the switch. Back in the day, as I've said in here before,   a man's foot was narrower.....

Rain is forecast tomorrow and  the next day. In the interim, our new Facebook presence has me fully rockin'. Yahoooo!! 

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