Friday, March 20, 2009

Eagle Heads for the Hills - Los Alto Hill that is! 3-19-09

Got out the door today at 2 PM with a  ride through neighborhood streets  to Churchill which led me for a few more blocks to  to the massive Stanford University Campus which sits at the base of the  hills. On today's 21-miler, I did what could be called a loop ride as I went up Alpine to Arastradero and back. However at Purisima Rd, hoping for  some measure of peace and escape, I turned right into Los Altos Hills. And luckily I got it!!

Up until this point, there had been  so many cars on the  "back country" roads that it almost seemed sacrilegious. I mean I got passed by a steady wall of  cars and trucks and buses from the time I got on Alpine Road till I turned left on Arastradero. I was almost wondering why we as a society have never thought  to devise a system that would  charge non resident  drivers for befouling those roads that are not a part of where they live or work. 

And these are cars that are moving pretty quickly. Or is is just such that there are really that many people living in the hills any more? By the time I did hit Arastradero, there was not a procession of cars passing me, But there were still cars. What are they doing out here? And where are they going? Hmmmm.....

Los Altos Hills was a treat! Now that the Eagle is making it possible for me to do hills again, I found great pleasure in riding the up and down, rolling terrain. Filled with beautiful homes and large yards,  many big enough for horses, I started wondering if maybe this is where I could be doing more of my riding. I didn't see many road riders out here probably because there were no straight aways to let it all hang out, Only hills. With the reward for getting to the top not a view of anyting more than more rolling lands.

But that's maybe just what I need for my fitness . Instead of waiting at lights  to get  to worthy riding turf, Los Altos Hills can be accessed from my house with just one signal controlled intersection. And maybe I am on to something. I saw three bike riders. Two of them were John and Ann. 

 I saw them  just as I was leaving Los Altos Hills  behind and entering the business district of Los Altos.  Because John Porcella (sp?) grew up  in Palo Alto he was showing his new wife who he met in Cincinnati while he lived there for a few years, where the good riding turf was. A passenger plane pilot, he and Ann bot had been  members of the Cincinnati Cycle Club (CCC) and knew a lot of the  people  who will be receiving us when we get to that city on 7/6  this summer.

They knew the Reser Bros, and Jen Clippard, prez of the CCC as well as a lot of people they thought I should know to make our  reception there a lot more powerful. And since we were dropping names, I came to find out that while John used to race here, he knew Jobst Brandt very well and even used to patch sew up tires with him and all the other Palo Alto riders at Jobst's house every Thursday night. What's more is that John was riding the same bike that another famous cycling local, Tom Ritchey, built for him 30 years ago. And it still looked beautiful! We must have non stop talked for 45 minutes and I even got home to a Facebook friend request from Ann so we can keep in touch.   

Ann remarked that it is really a small world we live in. At which point I noted that that is especially true  for those of us who have been pedaling the miles for many years! WoW!!!

Tomorrow it's the Portola Valley loop early. With Faye Saunders! She wants to do more  picture taking practice with her amazing camera . Yahoo!!

THX 4 all of U!!  

Note: This ride is not about me but it is a celebration of all the people who have helped me get back to wholeness physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. This as I stand on the shoulders of giants to enjoy the privilege of riding this bike, the only Eagle (backwards HiWheel) in active use in all the world...

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