Saturday, March 7, 2009

Light Fix - Road Spoils

Went out yesterday afternoon on the  Eagle  at a time of day when I can afford to  stop and talk with the community here. Instead of  focusing on miles, I was able to practice starting, stopping and  even curb work in between my mini visits. 

At the post office,   Lawrence   rolled by on his cool  little   folding recumbent. When he saw my bike leaning against  the window he circled back.   And   wow does he have an eye for all things mechanical. As  he wondered at my bike, he pointed out some things  about my seat that I could fiddle with that might increase the comfort.

When he then wondered at the technical brilliance of the  Lights in Motion light I just mounted, I couldn't seem to activate the switch.  When I pulled too hard on the grommet that covered the power button, the whole on and off  mechanism  fell out and on to the   sidewalk. Nor was Lawrence fazed in the least.

He found  every teeny tiny part, including  the broken one and proceeded to prescribe a fix that included super glue.  Gathering the whole assembly up, we went in to the nearby Molly Stones supermarket and  $6 later Lawrence was  seated at the  outodoor metal patio tables hunkered over my $140 light. He was busy using the tip of  his Swiss survival knife in place of tweezers to re-position all the  errant  pieces as daylight  quickly faded away.

Twenty minutes later I had light again!! Whereupon he rode home with me and  then performed some quick   fishing line surgery on my seat because he didn't like the way it looked. He did a quick better stiching of  the torn seat I am waiting for Jim Spillane to replace when  he gets through his   present  deadline crunch. Then as rode off to attend a   show he had plans for, Lawrence said. "Glad I could be helpful" .  WoW Lawrence!! THX THX THX

As for today, I was up at 2 too early. Up again at 5, still dark. I had wanted to be up at the first crack of daylight but overslept  to 6:20. With my bike shorts and socks still on  I got out of my sleeping bag and was on the street with my bike at 6:30. 

A beautiful morning welcomed me today as I headed for the hills. Because I've not remedied my pedal  to foot problem, I stayed away from  anything steeper than 6%, the road grade I'll have 35 non stop miles of when  I hit the Sierras and Emigrant Pass. And  because of the Eagle, I'm feeling  more and more ready for it and the downhill that  rolls  off its back

I could really hear bird song today.  With decent weather and the drone of the commute traffic and trains not present, theirs was a grand symphony! I also love the way  the  shadows appear on the street in the early morning hours. Yahoooo....

About half way though my 20+ miler today, I happened upon a  treasure trove of sockets laying all over the  street and in the gutter. I stopped and picked them  up.  Into my butt pak they went as it got   heavier and heavier.  

Jobst Brandt (pictured above) would have  been proud of me. The legendary author of the book, "The Bicycle Wheel", in his 70's, he is still an active cyclist who rolls some huge miles. Every time I see him   he always makes sure to tell me about latest tools and  other  trinkets he has found on the area  roads.    

Only 56 more days and I 'm out of here!! Ines is coming 4/4 - U don't want to miss her epic performance!!

THX 4 all of U!!  

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