Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Legged Eagling!!

It was quiet at 6AM when I awakened. I did not hear the rain that has been a constant companion for the last few too many mornings. I went outside to the street and I saw a few pockets of blue sky. One was right over my head! And it looked to extend for a couple miles in either direction. I went for it.

And as clouds began to fill one pocket and I could feel rain drops, I turned in a new direction. It then started opening up toward the hills and I went that way. I got as far as the trail along the foothills behind Baron Park when my ride went awry.

I found myself on the uphill part off a bike path that changed to dirt. And because of all the rain we have had the surface changed to mud. My tires began to slip. The two off us fell over. A slow speed fall, it did not do any real damage to me. However, it bent the pedal arm. Into the framestay.

Since the crank arms are stainless steel and this has happened before, I knew what to do next. Take off the pedal and straighten the arm with a crescent wrench. Well I got the pedal off OK but I think I am going to have to start carrying a bigger wrench. I had not enough leverage.

It then dawned on me that there was another way to get home two miles away. I could ride. With ONE LEG! The tricky part was getting started but I did! After a few false starts I was riding the still mostly quiet early morning roads. I even crossed my right leg over the steer tube for much of the way back. Even crossed busy El Camino through a gap in the traffic! All told I only had to mount and dismount three times.

I got home realizing I have come a long long way to be able to mount and then ride this bike with one leg. Feeling more and more ready for my ride across the US.

Next challenge: Getting my genitals used to being in the saddle again. Having been a a recumbent rider for decades and then a regular HiWheel cyclist where the seat is not as small as it is on the Eagle, the fanny area did not take the same beating as it now does. The Eagle is like an upright road bike in  many other ways.

Besides being able to stand up on the pedals, I am also realizing that I can ankle again. On a regular HiWheel, the only way to keep the bike going straight is to pedal only on the down stroke. However, as my one legged ride just showed me, I can pull up on the pedals now also!! Yahoo!!

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